Continental Regular Drywall is a general-purpose drywall for interior wall and ceiling applications.

It is available in several thicknesses and edge treatments, and is designed to meet most general construction needs. It contains a noncombustible gypsum core and is covered with paper facings on the front (ivory), back, and long edges. The product will accommodate a variety of decorative treatments after proper surface preparation.

Continental Regular Drywall can be used in applications that require direct mechanical attachment to wood or metal walls and ceiling frames, or attachment to surfaces using fasteners or adhesives. It may also be used as a thermal barrier in roof assemblies if specified by the roofing manufacturer.

While Continental Regular Drywall provides some fire-resistance, it does not provide the levels of fire resistance required by all building codes and standards. For fire resistance, use Continental Firecheck® products.

When properly sealed and used in a certified sound-rated assembly, Continental Regular Drywall will add to Sound Transmission Class (STC) values.

*The federal specification for gypsum board, SS-L-30d, was withdrawn in 1984. It is provided here for information only and should not be referenced for new construction


Regular drywall is easy to install and decorate for both residential and commercial construction projects, including interior walls and interior ceilings. It should not be used outdoors or in temperatures exceeding Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius) or in areas of extreme humidity

Ease of installation:
Regular drywall is lightweight and easily cut, allowing fast installation.

Aesthetics: Regular drywall can be cost-effectively and repeatedly decorated.

Fire resistance: A noncombustible gypsum core helps protect building occupants and contents in case of fire.


Core: Noncombustible, dimensionally stable inert gypsum.

Paper: 100 percent recycled; front and edges are ivory colored; back is gray colored.

Long edges: Tapered in both sizes

Emissions: Asbestos free; GREENGUARD certified; listed as a low-emitting material with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS); MAS Certified Green.